Apple Care Doesn’t Cover Water Damage

If you’re shopping around for iPhone accessories or iPad accessories chances are the salesmen at the Apple store have talked to you about the Apple Care protection plan. As it is convenient to buy it right then and there with your purchase, it’s not particularly effective when it comes to actually providing total protection for your purchase.

Did you know that the Apple Care protection plan doesn’t cover you in the event of ANY kind of accident? This includes water damage, physical damage (drops, cracks, bangs) and electrical surges. Being that most of Apple’s products are extremely portable, most people are bringing their iPhones and iPads around with them wherever they go.

This begs the question: “Well, what kind of damage is most likely with these portable devices?”. Clearly drops, bangs, cracks and spills are the most common with devices that are always on the go, switching hands, thrown into bags, dropped on the ground…etc.

This also begs the question: “Well, what good is Apple Care if it doesn’t cover these types of damages?”. That’s a very good question indeed.

Consumer Priority Service offers a bulletproof Apple Care alternative warranty plan to cover your iPad & iPhone. This means if you have our accidental warranty plan, you drop your iPhone and the screen cracks, you are covered. If you spill a beverage on your iPad with our accidental warranty plan, you are covered. Bottom line.

For this reason alone, we believe our accidental warranty plans offer a much more robust and comprehensive coverage than that of Apple Care, which provides protection only for technical issues (we cover these too).

Get a Warranty that Covers Accidents!

For a warranty that makes more sense and provides total protection pick up one of our accidental protection warranties today!

Protect Yourself from Breaks, Drops, Spills & Surges!

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