Consumer Priority Service Review of the Blade

With the smartphone market releasing gaming mobiles at earnest, it is easy to assume that PC gaming is somewhat dated. Yet, with the release of the Blade gaming notebook, Razer convinces us otherwise.

As a brand Razer is well-recognized for pushing technology with striking tech artillery and gaming peripherals backed by unusual names. Given Razer’s penchant for the dramatic, the Blade’s design is sleek and the outputs powerful. Marketed as the World’s first true gaming laptop, Razer’s Blade features a 17-inch LED-backlit HD display and is significantly lighter than comparable gaming laptops. Given its super-slim design boasting a mere .88 inch thickness, the sleek body just upps the appeal many notches. Primarily an upshot of losing the optical drive, the Blade still manages to be a fully functional gamers’ glory given that most gaming enthusiasts prefer digital downloads to physical CD Roms.

In terms of the overall gaming experience, the Blade is backed by a strong 2.8 GHz Intel Core i7 processor with 8GB of RAM and ample storage of 320GB. Supported by an impressive 2 GB GeForce GT 555M graphics chip that seamlessly integrates into Razer’s very own Switchblade gaming UI, the Blade offers direct in-game access to hot-key commands via a set of ten intuitively arranged and adaptive tactile keys to. Conveniently placed right beside the laptop keyboard and below the gaming keys is a multi-function LCD touchscreen that displays gaming info with an external mouse, and simply switches to a touch-sensitive track pad when the mouse is unplugged. Aside from being a true gamer’s dream, the Blade offers reliable connectivity options with Wi-Fi and Bluetooth 3.0 for wireless access and in-built Ethernet and USB as well as headphone and mic ports for wired peripherals.

Given its feature-rich design and appealing yet functional construction, the Blade proves to be every ardent gamer’s ultimate muscle machine that is as portable as it is potent.