Apps for Medical Professionals

Anytime you are sick you want to make sure you can find that your medical questions answered by qualified doctors. The internet is full of various medical websites, all of them claiming to provide you with the answers you need to your medical troubles and concerns.

Many doctors, nurses, and healthcare professionals use the internet and Smartphone Apps to better treat and diagnose you. You can download some of these apps for your own phone and have expert medical knowledge right at your fingertips, without worrying about having to make a medical appointment.

Apps for Reference

There are apps out there designed purely to provide you with reference materials so you can look something up quickly. Medscape is a great application reference that allows the user to do various things, including double-checking different medications to make sure that they don’t interact badly with one another.

Epocrates is another reference app that does the same drug checkup but it allows the user to check dozens of medications at the same time. This can be extremely helpful when dealing with an elderly person or someone who is very ill and taking lots of medications.

Apps for Medical Education

There are also many Apps out there that doctors and medical professionals use to boost their education and enhance their knowledge. You can take advantage of these Apps as well. Medical science is incredibly complicated and using apps that have diagrams and other visual aids can greatly enhance your knowledge and understanding. Heart Pro III is an incredibly application that provide full views of various organs within the human body.

Muscle System Pro III
Muscle System Pro III app

There’s also Muscle System Pro III which lets you perform animations of various muscles in the human body, allowing you to see how they work in great detail. Eponyms is an application that is designed specifically for students. Students, or anyone wishing to learn more about the medical field, can look up the meaning of a specific medical phrase very quickly.

Apps to Monitor and Evaluate Patients

Perhaps nowhere has the medical field changed more than in the maintenance of patient medical records. More and more hospitals and doctor groups are moving towards electronic records. With the rise of electronic record-keeping comes a host of Apps specifically designed for doctors on the go. Updates to a patient’s chart can be made quickly and efficiently.

This allows for better healthcare overall. Epic Haiku is one of the most popular patient monitoring apps. It operates on an incredibly secure system so patient confidentiality is respected at all times. Medisoft is another application that incorporates patient diagnoses and charts and updates your company’s billing department directly.

Apps for Nurses

Doctors aren’t the only medical professionals that are able to take advantage of the new developments in Smartphone technology. Nurses have apps designed for them as well. Nursing Central is an application database that allows nurses and fellow hospital staff to look up information instantly.