Top Email Apps for the iPhone

Since it’s introduction to the masses in 1993, email has taken over as a primary form of communication throughout the world. Mobile devices have taken email communications to a whole new level by allowing consumer to check personal email, or even manage direct mail services from anywhere in the world, with simply the click of a button or swipe of the screen. At the forefront of this technology is the iPhone, with a host of apps available to help manage your email inbox. However, not all apps are created equal. Here are some of the best apps for the iPhone for 2013.


If you use Google’s Gmail as your email client, you’ll be glad to know that Gmail provides their service in an easy to use iPhone app. Not only can you check your Gmail from anywhere, you can also write, delete, label, star and overall manage your messages using this app. The Gmail app also utilizes mail categories, such as primary, updates, social, forums and promotions. You can organize up to 5 Gmail accounts using this app.


Another standard in the email marketplace is Yahoo’s mail service. The Yahoo iPhone app interfaces with your Yahoo mail, allowing you to instantly send and receive mail on your iPhone from your Yahoo account. Like in Yahoo, your email app will also auto-complete email addresses from your contacts list as you type them, as well as you can flag and move messages to different folders by swiping your finger.


Mailbox email app
Mailbox email app

Third party apps are quickly taking the email market by storm. Mailbox is currently one of the most popular of these apps, allowing users to access up to five Gmail accounts on their iPhone. Easily go through your emails by swiping them into the trash or archiving for later. You can also snooze emails to read later simply by tapping them with your finger.

Mail Pilot

For email users who like to keep everything organized into lists, Mail Pilot is your email solution. Mail Pilot takes new messages in your inbox and turns them into incomplete items on a task list. Mark each email off as you access them just as you would a to-do list. Mail Pilot also allows you to access multiple email accounts including Gmail, AOL, Yahoo and iCloud.

Outlook Web Access

Also known as OWA, Outlook Web Access bring Microsoft Outlook to your iPhone. Access your Outlook inbox and calendar from anywhere. You will need to sign up for a Microsoft 360 subscription to be able to download and utilize this app on your iPhone.

Group Email

If you like to text group messages on your iPhone, then Group Email will be a natural fit for you. This app allows you to easily send the same email to multiple people on your contacts list by helping you quickly create distribution lists. Group email also connects with storage tools like SkyDrive and DropBox, which allows you instant access to attach stored items like photos, videos and documents.