Blogging Made Easy with These iPhone Apps

Updating your blog or checking your stats on the go can be great if you want to stay on top of your WordPress blog. As one of the most popular blogging platforms in the world, WordPress apps are in high demand. Some of the best apps are the ones that allow you to manage and update your site remotely. Some of these apps come from WordPress while others are created by vendors strictly for use with WordPress.

The Official WordPress iOS App

The first app for all bloggers who want to work on the go is the official iOS app from WordPress. This app allows bloggers to create and edit posts including adding images and videos. It also includes analytics so you can check your traffic and manage your comments. This app is the best version for those needing the most basic abilities to manage their blogs on their smart phones or tablets.

The Evernote App

Evernote is a constant favorite among bloggers and notetakers.

Technically, Evernote is not a blogging app. It is more of a storage and notation app. This app allows you to save your thoughts on the go so you don’t lose any of those valuable blog post ideas.

With cloud storage, your ideas are never lost even if you lose your smart phone or tablet. The app allows easy organization of blog posts with the use of folders and notes.

The Blogsy App

Tools like Blogsy can help you blog from your iPhone easily

Blogsy is a unique app because it has the drag and drop feature that so many apps lack. This app does all of the same things as the WordPress iOS app, but it also offers more formatting options for posts. While the WordPress iOS app will allow you to post standard plain text posts, Blogsy will allow you to add underlining, bold, italics and font color and font size options.

This is a vendor provided app, and does cost money.However, at only $4.99, buying this app is hardly breaking the bank. This app will only work on an iPad because of its high level of functionality.

The BlogPress App

If you don’t have an iPad, but you want something like the Blogsy app, then you might want to consider getting BlogPress. This app will allow you to the ability to edit posts and manage analytics from a more user friendly screen. While it doesn’t have drag and drop capabilities like Blogsy, many people prefer it over the standard WordPress blogging app.

Why Use Blogging Apps?

There is hardly a huge amount of options for apps when blogging.  This is because there is very little you can do with a blog on an app. You can find discounts on helpful apps for blogging and other tools you might need along the way at When working on your blog, about 90% of the time you will do the same things you would do on the computer.

You would add and edit posts, videos and pictures. You might check your analytics. However, if you want to add plugins or Widgets, you will need to add those from your PC or laptop. To date, there are no apps available that will allow you to manage your overall site design via app. If you just want to manage your posts, come up with ideas on the go or check your stats, then any one of the above apps will be a great