Broken iPad Screen Saved

Ron has an iPad and had a little mishap with a conference table at work. Falling onto the table cracked the screen and left him without any functionality at all (or being able to see anything for that matter). We asked if Ron had purchased our warranty and he said he had not. Despite the fact that he didn’t have an iPad warranty we informed him that we do out of warranty repairs as well, which in this case could still save his iPad from the graveyard.

He sent it into us and we got to work. Roughly a week later, we were able to send Ron’s iPad back to him, fully functional with a new screen that works perfectly. He was so thrilled with our help and we are glad to be able to come through for him. Thanks for sending in your story Ron, make sure to get the iPad warranty next time! You might also consider an iPad case 😀

Ron’s Broken iPad story on Youtube.