BBB Blackberry Broken Screen Saved

Bill gave us a call and told us what happened to his Blackberry bold (BBB) when he was at a family party. Apparently one of the kids there took hold of his Blackberry and submitted it to ultimate doom – a cracked blackerry screen was the result. Although Bill didn’t have our BBB Warranty plan, we were able to help him since we also provide out of warranty repair work as well. Bill was happy to hear that we could help even though he wasn’t covered under a normal Blackberry warranty plan. We were able to bring his BBB back to life and get him back up and running in just a short amount of time. Thanks for sending in your story Bill. We might recommend that you start protecting your gear with Consumer Priority Service warranties in the future. You may also consider a case when you’re shopping for Blackberry accessories 🙂

Bill’s Blackberry Broken Screen story on Youtube.