Coming Soon: Instagram for your Android

Hipsters everywhere have reason to celebrate now that Instagram, the fashionable photo-sharing tool which churns out ultra-cool, vintage-flavored shots, will be available for Android users, too. Currently, the app is only accessible via iPhone users, but that’s about to change.

Just a few days ago, Instagram’s co-founder, Kevin Systrom revealed that the Android version of the app is near-completion and will be available “very soon” via Google’s newly consolidated bundle of Android services, Google Play. In fact, word amongst the tech savvy has it that the Instagram for Android will be even better – and likely faster – than the iOS app.

Currently, there are 27 million registered users of the Instagram iOs version – 67% of which were actively using the photo app at the time of its company’s Android announcement. The trendy photo-filtering tool has reached such an impressive degree of popularity that it is actually being compared to the take-off of the now flying-high social network, Facebook.

A lot of tech-gurus seem to think that Systrom’s delay of the Android version of the app was intentional – a strategy to create a bigger buzz around its release. However, the company contests that concept, stating that simultaneous release of both Android and iOS apps would have made it difficult to focus on creating a truly innovative service and implementing the very best features. However, considering that the app-development process for Android is almost exactly the same as that of the iPhone creates a bit of skepticism about the company’s refutation.

Instagram has been around for about 2 years now -the Apple App Store launched it in early October, 2010. Right now, the concept behind Instagram is pretty uncomplicated: users just take a snapshot, choose from a variety of digital filters to apply to the pic, and then share the shot via Facebook or other social networking services. Those three smalls steps have made for an app that’s all-the-rage today – and with the coming Android version, chances are millions more users will be boarding the trendy train.

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