Stick it to ‘Em (All of Your E-gadgets, that Is) with The Grippy Pad

The Grippy Pad stays true to its name by clutching onto your vehicle’s dashboard, allowing drivers and users to set their portable tech gadgets on the pad and keep them there – abolishing the ever-annoying case of your iPhone, smartphone or iPod slipping and sliding all over the place while you’re speeding to work.

The Grippy Pad is a rectangular slab of silicone-based material that boasts bionic adhesiveness to surfaces – quite possibly endangering the existence of other popular adhesives like Velcro and tape. The stickiness really is bionic: the Grippy Pad is able to hold up to about 700 pounds while keeping itself stuck to virtually any surface! (Chances are you rarely have the need to stick a 700-lb gadget to your dashboard – but hey, it’s a pretty impressive feat worth mentioning, nonetheless.)

The Grippy Pad doesn’t stop at cars, either. The synthetic design’s gripping ability makes it an evolutionary idea for use in a variety of ways that could effect our everyday lives – like hanging your 42-inch plasma TV to the wall without the need for messing with a metal wall mount.

For now, the Grippy Pad offers a foolproof way to secure your most treasured tech gadgets from your BlackBerry to your iPad to your MP3 player while you’re on the go. Consider purchasing it if you’re a driver who frequently needs hands-free speaking ability – or if you’re not satisfied with the lackadaisical sucking action of your GPS’ current suction cup holder.

You’ll be glad to know The Grippy Pad is resistant to strong sunlight and high temperatures, too, so don’t worry about the silicone pad melting into a gooey mess all over your dashboard.

So that you’ll always have something to stick on your Grippy Pad, be sure to safeguard those gadgets you frequently take along for the ride. You can find a dependable, affordable iPhone, iPad, Android and BlackBerry warranty at CPS – as well as coverage for those electronics too big to carpool with.