Consumer Priority Service BBB Launches New App for Easy Shopping

Bed Bath and Beyond has been a cherished depot for practically everything you need to jazz up a bathroom, cozy up a bedroom – and add pizzazz to pretty much any space in your home. From kitchen electronics and window treatments to wall décor and doo-dads, the store has been a one-stop shop for consumers for many, many years.

BBB fans everywhere will be glad to know that the company has decided to join the land of the app – and deliver a new shopping experience to virtual consumers, making it easier than ever to secure the items they need.

Now, you can literally take Bed Bath and Beyond with you, everywhere you go. Shop for a new shower curtain on your commute to work in the morning. Purchase a blender in the waiting room at your next doctor appointment. The new app makes it possible for shoppers to sift through thousands of products with a simple touch, tap, or swipe on their iPhone, iTouch, or other portable gadget.

The app also provides users with the ability to quickly track down the closest store location, just in case you need a dose of the “real thing”. You can even create and maintain a registry with the new app – so tacking on that extra set of soup bowls can be accomplished in a jiffy. Plus, in the event you are not sure about a certain item, the app allows you to browse through an abundance of customer reviews, making easier to decide on the purchase.

Users can browse through the inventories of many different stores for any item that is held in the actual location – and the same low prices, which is probably the chief reason why people love this store so much – still apply to iPhone shoppers.

Don’t miss out on accessing the new, cool app from Bed Bath and Beyond – purchase and cell phone warranty today – or a warranty for whatever device you will be using to browse one the best department stores around today.