Consumer Priority Service Keeps You Safe with an Alert Regarding a Recent BBB Scam

It never hurts to be cautious – and these days, it doesn’t even hurt to be overly cautious. Because as the quick-paced, ever-evolving world of technology has brought us some life-changing wonders that have made our daily lives a whole lot easier, along with these benefits have come higher vulnerability regarding our privacy, identity – and valuable electronic investments.
Our job at Consumer Priority Service is to always be on the lookout when it comes to your safety and that of your technology – and not just by providing you with excellent warranty services, but by keeping you informed. That is why we’re letting you know about a recent warning issued by the Better Business Bureau (BBB) regarding a potential virus that could severely damage your computer or other electronic device.
It seems that there are emails and phone calls circulating lately from people posing as agents from the Better Business Bureau. The phony representatives are actually attacking you with a phishing scam. He or she typically identifies himself as contacting you directly from the BBB with an opportunity to rid your computer of any viruses. The emails include a link with a suffix, which customers are prompted to click on in order to continue with the virus removal procedure. By clicking on it, however, the victim’s computer is actually then attached to a virus. (The scam-artists who contact people via the phone probably retrieve victims’ email addresses, and follow up the call by sending the deadly attachment in an email).
Incidents of this fraudulent activity have occurred since last year – and the phone number from which the calls come from is typically (858) 102-3252 – so if you see that number pop up on your iPhone, reject that call immediately and swipe that number right off your Contact List!
In addition to outstanding warranties, CPS provides exceptional customer support – if you have any questions about this scam or others, never hesitate to reach out to us.