Count on CPS for Keeping You Up-to-Speed on the BBB (BlackBerry Bold, that is)

In the age of the iPhone and other popular – and mostly touchscreen – mobile phones, lots of BlackBerry Bold users can’t help but contemplate ditching the BBB for one of those more popular devices. To make that decision an easier one, it’s a good idea take a good look at what the BlackBerry phone is all about, what distinguishes it from other devices, and whether or not it suits your needs.
The BBB is best known for its easy texting capabilities. Lots of people find touchscreens too delicate, sensitive and quite often, annoying. Bolds feature the finger-friendly QWERTY keyword we have all come to know and love since the days of the ancient typewriter. When compared to the Curve, another series of BlackBerry phones, the Bold is revered as featuring more advanced messaging capabilities and a superior keyboard.
There are a slew of BlackBerry models to choose from, but the models that are most popular and seem to deliver the best performance lie in the 9000 and 9900 series and the BlackBerry 7 series. Here are a few details about some of the most popular models: The BBB 9000 is your run-of-the-mill BlackBerry with standard applications like Documents to Go, and Breakout Clone, while the 9700 is a little more advanced. It is considered more of a high-end product because it supports Wi-Fi, has a Web browser, and supports media streaming, too.
Moving on to the Series 7 devices,…these BlackBerrys were launched with some refreshing, much-needed enhancements like universal voice search, HTML 5 support, and Near Field Communication (NFC). Soon after, BlackBerry got bolder with the BBB Touch or, the BlackBerry Bold 9900/9930. This newest member of the Berry family was released last year and features an interesting marriage of new and old features by including a touchscreen display and also reverting to a larger wide-set keyboard that was originally on the 9000.
BlackBerrys have been celebrated primarily for their messaging capabilities and easiness when it comes to texting. Keep an eye out for bolder, better BlackBerrys as each new model released reflects the technological advancement flaunted by all of BBB’s contenders.
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