According to Consumer Priority Service, BBB Equals Game Heaven

Hey, gamers, welcome to paradise: a place called Big Blue Bubble! Consumer Priority Service is proud to offer warranties for game-related electronics including consoles, accessories and more – so it is only natural we steer you to a source where you can find the very best video games.
Big Blue Bubble, founded in 2004 is a pioneer in the video game industry simply because they are steadfast in their exploration, conception and execution when it comes to developing revolutionary, technologically-advanced tools for creation of some of the most intricate, multi-platform games on the market. Currently, BBB boasts an inventory of about 100 games which circulate globally. Additionally, the company has won a surplus of major awards, bolstering its reputation including the London Economic Development Corporation’s Featured Company Award, the PopVox People’s Choice Award for Best Mobile Game, Jamster’s Best Mobile Game Award, IGN Editor’s Choice Award for Best Mobile Game, and many more.
The company’s success can be contributed to a handful of factors, including its rapid prototyping capability, data-driven design, and easy-to-use developing tools allowing game developers to create more efficiently. BBB may quite possibly be on its way to becoming a pivotal influence upon the entire gaming world as we know it.
Big Blue Bubble creates mobile, console and casual games. Some of their most popular titles include Dark Inclusion, Hamster Cannon and Fling a Thing for mobile, iCarly 2, I SPY Universe and Pub Darts for consoles, and casual online games include Masters of Mystery (which is a popular game on Facebook these days), Burn the Rope Mac, and The Last Airbender.
Founded on concrete engineering procedures entailing scrupulous development and trial-run processes, Big Blue Bubble is a definite trailblazer when it comes to game developers – and it unquestionably will gain esteem as a major contender in the gaming industry.
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