CPS Warranty: Costco: The Ideal Depot for College Students

Most people know what a fabulous depot Costco is for practically anything you need including electronics, apparel, books, groceries, tools, home décor, furniture and much more. But what a lot of people don’t know is how especially wonderful the chock-full warehouse is particularly for college students.

Technology Galore

For starters, Costco.com’s technology inventory gets an A+ all around. Not only is their selection massive including laptops, software, game consoles (for all that down time between exams), and other must-haves for the student who needs to stay connected, but their prices are unbeatable, too. Not to mention, the store offers free shipping and handling – which is a particularly tasty perk when it comes to the average collegiate subsiding on tuna and coffee. An even more attractive bonus: every product you purchase at Costco is returnable to any location, whether or not it carries the item. Score!

Here are a few of the most appealing services that I have researched that college students may find helpful:

  • Auto Program: Did you know, that while stocking up on donuts and energy drinks you’re gonna need to make it through your all-nighter, you can shop for a new car at Costco? Neither did I – until now. Not only can the amazing warehouse offer special member pricing at local dealerships, but many times, car dealers will even try to reel you in by lowering their prices than that of Costco’s.
  • High-Yield Savings Account: Costco has recently coupled with Capital One in order to deliver their members the very top savings possible – meaning a rate that that is approximately .25% higher that those for regular/non-student customers. Furthermore, make sure Costco members receive an additional incentive: by depositing a minimum of $50,000 into their account within 30 days of enrollment, they receive an additional $60.
  • Online Investing: Sharebuilder is another company that Costco is collaborating with in order to provide its customers with the nest service possible. Members can receive a $60 bonus as well as a $25 rebate off trades now – and for college students, it’s even better:  students who sign up for an automated plan lowers their trade cost from $4 to $3. That may not seem like a massive amount right now, but in the long run, the savings offer is a huge one.

Cash Cards

Although Costco offers cash cards to all of their members, these could be particularly helpful to college stuents who are trying their hardest to save money. Basically gift cards, these cards can be loaded with any amount of money at a time. And the best thing is: whoever is adding funds need not be a member because the card itself counts as a warranty. Therefore parents, friends, or other loved ones looking out for their college-bound kiddos can load up a card and send it to the student who can then use the card without having to worry about the burden of having to sign up for their own warranty.

While all of these perks are certainly helpful for the average Costco shopper, they are especially great for students who should be spending more time studying than worrying about how they going to afford another case of Febreze before mom and dad’s next surprise visit.

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