New App Puts Video Game Ratings at Your Fingertips

The Entertainment Software Rating Board (ESRB) is a popular and highly valued resource amongst parents with gamers for kids – and with its newly updated free mobile app for the iPhone, Android and Windows Phone, it’s about to win the approval of even more moms and dads.
The app, which was granted a Parents’ Choice Gold Award in April 2011 offers quick, easy access to ratings for over 20,000 video games – and now it’s voice activated, too. With this new voice recognition feature, a consumer needs only to speak the name of a game into his phone in order to obtain a detailed rating summary. (You can also still access it by typing the game title or taking a photograph of the video game case). The result is a rating symbol along with an in-depth description of the particular game content which the ESRB considered in order to develop that rating.
Since rating summaries are available for most video and computer games with a release date of early July 2008 or later, this new version of the mobile app arrives just in time for the holidays – as it will probably offer rating summaries for a majority of the games projected to be on most gamers’ holiday wish lists this year.
The app itself was created by the mobile application development company, Pointabout, its image recognition platform is IQ Engines, and its new voice-enabled feature is enabled by MeMeMe, a cloud-based speech recognition platform.
In addition to greater confidence with which parents can employ when approving – or disapproving – computer and video games for their children, the ESRB rating summary app offers an added perk: instant entry into a sweepstakes with prizes including a new game console and a $200 gift certificate for GameStop.

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