Does Your Garage Open from Your Smartphone?

Woops…you took that long trip to Cape Cod and forgot to close your garage door? You may not be the only one who leaves their garage door open after taking a long trip out of town. Knowing that your home can left unsecured can be a scary thing to think about, especially when you are hundreds of miles away from home and don’t have a close by neighbor who can close it up for you.

Those Unexpected Moments

Even if you actually closed your garage there may be those random incidents of the neighbor’s stray cat tripping the sensor and jogging it back open. In these situations you could go the old school route of calling that neighbor next door, or worse a relative who lives miles away and ask them to close it for you. But let’s get real, this is 2013…technology is just too cool to have to do those things.

An App for Your Garage?

Garage door app
An app for your garage? What’s next?

Fear not, the Liftmaster app can give you total control over these situations. The Liftmaster garage door opener app is the answer for those sweaty palm moments when you may have left your garage doors open and are already too far from your home to go back. It’s readily available on devices such as iPhone, Android phones and even iPad. All you have to do is download the application once the additional hardware is installed.

Liftmaster allows you to know if your garage is open or closed at all times. If your garage is open you can close it from your current location, even if that is hundreds of miles away from home. It does not matter if you are half way across the world, you can still make sure that you’re home is sealed and protected…without having to ask the neighbors to walk over. If you are away and you need to let someone in your home to check on things such as pets, mail, or even plants, then you’ll also be able to handle that remotely from your existing location.

The Liftmaster app seems amazing; it will work on any type of smartphone. When your Liftmaster app is paired with some beautiful doors from companies like the overhead door company of Spokane, you definitely got a win/win on your hands with quality aesthetics and functional security measures.

Don’t Forget the Hardware

Besides the app you’ll need to purchase the actual hardware for your overhead door. The hardware connects to your garage by way of a 900 MHz radio that connects to a router inside your home. For those that travel out of town a lot, this app is a must. There’s nothing more frustrating than finding out your home may be left unsafe when you’re on the road trying to enjoy that much needed vacation.

As a home owner, this is a great app to have and can really save your behind in those ‘oops’ moments when you have too many other things occupying the bandwidth in your head. Don’t take the chance, get your home hooked up with Liftmaster and forget about forgetting.