Finding the Best Apps for Your Business

The app market is heating up and there are a lot more apps for employees in the workforce to use to increase productivity. Thousands of apps are out there with more being developed every day, but 5 really productive ones are listed below.

DropBox for Teams

One of the most effective virtual file storage concepts is DropBox for Teams. This is great in organizations with cross functional teams that may need access to the same file. Companies that sign up for premium team accounts can get more than the standard free user size for individuals. This allows employees to share files that can be accessed outside of the building with the use of a VPN connection for an internal server.


Qirina gives you an idea of where your site stands relative to competition.

Anyone that needs a keyword analysis or comparison search engine tool should consider this. It is one of the most effective ways to save time when it comes to competition analysis for your site. When users enter their primary keywords, Qirina will yield relevant results from the information that was entered giving the user a bird’s-eye-view of where their site stands in the keyword-o-sphere relative to their competition.

The business world apps are bountiful and continuing to grow. The 5 apps listed above rank as some of the best productivity apps in the business world.


Echosign makes digital sigs easier than ever.

The digital signature may be one of the most important steps to speeding things up in the workplace. Almost any project that is complete in the work world has to have a sign-off in order for work to be started or finished. People that use EchoSign can get their documents from virtual storage lockers like DropBox or Box and sign the documents without sending it to a printer. This is a huge time saver and a great way to cut down on wasting resources in the workplace.

Evernote for Business

Sometimes productivity is a byproduct of organization. People that are unorganized will rarely have an opportunity to be productive. In most cases they are too busy trying to clean up their work space. Employees that look for ways to cut the clutter should start with Evernote. This allows users to keep notes on everything all in one place. This is better than having multiple apps with notes for meetings and projects spread throughout cyberspace. It is better to have everything in one place to increase productivity and Evernote makes that possible.

UX Write

A large majority of consumers that have embraced the mobile devices of today are still looking for a way to make these devices practical for things like word processing. The UX Write app attempts to resolve that issue for smart device owners that have this problem.

The UX Write app is a full feature word processor app. This means that users can finally handle things like research papers and reports without having to resort back to their desktops. This was a missing element for the portable devices for a long time, but the UX Write apps is a cost effective work processing tool that makes it easier to write away from home or the office.