Down and Out? Try These Self Help Apps for iPhone

It is fair to say that our smartphones and iPhones have been an essential, everyday necessity of our lives. As much as Starbucks and Dunkin Doughnuts, we have grown dependent upon our little electronic personal assistance to provide many resources in our day to day activity. Be it checking our email, sending a text, taking a picture, or even checking up on our investment portfolio, our dependence on these wonderful little devices is ever growing and changing. A recent group trend in usage of iPhones and smartphones is in the field of counseling, and providing self-help options, tips, and guides.

A Little Help

Given the nature of the economy as well as the constant flow of negative local and world news, and not to mention the ever trying and difficult personal relationship scene, sometimes people just need a little help. Perhaps a little encouragement is needed to step out a bit more, or maybe just somewhere to voice their feelings and rant a little without fear of rejection.

Or maybe some structure is needed, to help break some bad habits that have molded and developed in our lives. Whatever the need may be, there is likely an app to lend a hand.

Reduce Some Stress

It is likely that what most people are in need of is a little stress reduction in their life. A great option to look into is the iZen Garden app, which focuses on the Zen technique of sand gardens. With various objects to place, colors to choose from, and soothing background sounds to listen too, iZen Garden can make that stressful commute and turn it into a peaceful and relaxing time. There is a limited free option, or an upgraded option at $2.99.

Another fantastic option, which has been promoted by Oprah, is the Gratitude Journal, which focuses on listing the things and people you are most grateful for every day. This $0.99 app allows you to integrate your photo’s friends and other lists to help tie your life to this journal. By focusing that which you are grateful, you will be able to reduce the focus on that which is causing stress.

Break Out of that Funk

self help counseling apps
Get out of that rut with the Habit Factor app

The Habit Factor app is just right for the person looking to shake up their current rut of a routine, and move on to more success and happiness. By helping create and organize goals, and then celebrating your successes, the app will help motivate you to change into something great. There is an available limited free version, or the full version can be purchased for $6.99.

Another app to look into is myinstantCOACH, which provides direct coaching for up to 75 different life dilemmas, such as relationships, work, or just your personal wellbeing. This free app can help you find the aspects that you want to change most, and help you move forward.

A Variety of Options

Other apps, such as LiveHappy, iStress, and MyThoughts+ are available, and several others like it. Once you find the apps the help guide and motivate you best, it will be like having a personal life coach right in your pocket!