Tips on How to Secure Your Home from Intruders

Recent studies have shown that most home burglaries are done by complete amateurs and can be easily stopped if you take some simple precautions. It is nearly impossible to stop a professional burglar from breaking into your home unless you make use of the top home security systems. If you want to protect your home from thugs who have little experience at burglaries, you need to employ a few of these simple home security precautions.

Act Like a Criminal

The best way to stop a criminal is to act like a criminal. Take a walk around you home and simply try to get into doors or windows as a burglar would. Most cases of theft simply involve a crook opening an unlocked window or door to gain access. Pay attention to weak spots in your home security and simply lock up those exposed access points.

If you already have a professional security system installed in your home, why give the bad guys a heads up by letting them see all the wiring and devices used to run the system properly. Conceal all the wiring makes it more difficult for even the professional burglar to disconnect your system.

Keep the Burglar Guessing

Even the most rookie burglars are familiar with the hide a key rocks and hiding spots homeowners use to hide spare keys. Flower pots, doormats, above the door frame and those fake rocks are the first place a crook will look before trying to access your home the hard way. Many times they simply find your spare key and walk right through the front door of your home. You need to make this a more difficult process for the burglar. Bury your key in a container in the front year where you can find it quickly if the need arises.

home security systems
Keeping your security system out of plain sight will keep burglars guessing

When you are not home, it should appear like someone is home. Purchase a small light timer from your local home center and have different light go on and off during evening hours. Give the burglar a reason to consider a different home.

You should never leave a note on the front door telling the UPS driver or utility workers you are out for a designated period of time. These notes are simply an invitation for a burglar to take his time while you are out.

Impersonate the Burglar

Try to access your home at night and pay close attention to entry areas that are too dark. Installing motion lighting is a great way to expose a burglar lurking in the dark shadows of your home.

The burglar will use any resource to protect him from exposure around your home. High shrubbery and low hanging branches are perfect for hiding while attempting to gain access to your house. If you can not do the work yourself, call a local landscape company to trim all those areas back so your home is clearly visible.

Your dog can be the best deterrent when it comes to protecting your home. If you blinds are properly closed at night, a burglar has no idea how big or small your dog is, only that it is making noise and that is enough to send them on their way.