Everything You Need to Know About Buying a Cell Phone Warranty

Everything You Need to Know About Buying a Cell Phone Warranty

Did you know your smartphone may come with a cell phone warranty? If it doesn’t, should you buy one? Here are the benefits of a warranty.

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You probably understand the feeling. You spend anywhere from $200 to $1,000 for a new smartphone. You leave the store feeling secure in your phone warranty.

You get home and something happens. You crack the screen or drop the phone in water and call to get the phone fixed. That’s when you discover that the warranty doesn’t cover the accident to your phone.

That’s when you realize you might need a cell phone warranty that covers more than the limited one offered. The question is, is it worth the price for an extended warranty? To answer this question, you need to understand the differences between the warranties offered.

What’s Involved with the Limited Warranty?

Most new cell phones come with a limited, one-year warranty. This limited warranty covers manufacturer and hardware issues. This warranty does not cover accidents or lost and stolen phones.

If you have an issue covered by this limited warranty, you’re required to take the phone to an authorized facility. You also need to show proof of purchase for your repair to get covered.

Your phone carrier might also offer an extended warranty for an additional price. This extended warranty only extends the hardware coverage on your phone. 

Cell Phone Warranty for Accidents and Loss

These limited warranty options don’t mean you have no security to cover accidents and loss though. If you think you might need extra security, you have a couple of options to cover repairs or replacements.

Cell Phone Insurance Plans from the Carrier

You can purchase extra insurance for your phone within 30 days of your phone purchase. This will cover accidents such as cracked screens. Insurance also can cover loss and theft.

The extra insurance also extends the regular hardware warranty. As long as you pay for the insurance, you can take your phone in for repair or replacement on any of the issues covered.

The insurance doesn’t mean you don’t have a cost when you take the phone in for repair. Most repairs will require a deductible, though you generally pay less than an uncovered repair. The insurance can range from $7 to $20 with a phone carrier.

Cell Phone Insurance from a Third-Party

You can also purchase a warranty through an independent third-party. These independent companies will offer a monthly or yearly payment plan to cover extra insurance. 

The benefits of a third-party warranty include the ability to open an account at any time. As long as the phone stays in working order, you can purchase the warranty.

Independent insurance can also cover certain issues that carrier insurance might not. Water damage is one situation that carriers don’t cover but an independent company often will. 

The Claims Process

If you have a warranty through a phone carrier, you will need to go through the carrier’s repair facility to stay under warranty. Each carrier will have their own process to file the claim and turn in the phone for repair. They will include the deductible price with the instructions for turning in the phone.

For an independent company, the claims process will require you to contact the company covering your warranty. They will send you the instructions and deductible requirements for your claim. The deductible generally ranges around $75.

Is a Cell Phone Insurance Plan Worth It?

A cell phone warranty offers you options for accidents. When you consider that over $3 billion is spent on cracked phones alone, warranties can help reduce the cost of these issues. 

A warranty can cost more than it’s worth if you don’t need it though. If you don’t have many accidents with your phone, you might not need the insurance coverage.

Insurance might prove its worth under certain situations. Consider the extra insurance if you work in an environment that puts your phone at risk. If you work in an area where your phone can easily break or deal with extra stress, the warranty is a good option.

You might also consider a warranty if you have small children that can gain access to your phone. Also, if you’re accident prone, the warranty can prove a good idea.

You need to consider the price of the insurance against the price of your needed repairs. If you don’t have repair issues often enough to consider the cost, you might reconsider.

Price and Coverage Considerations

You should consider the price options for each warranty option. Consider the deductible prices for your different warranty options. Also, consider the monthly and yearly payment options.

Sometimes the yearly payment options are more cost-effective than monthly options. Compare these options for each warranty coverage plan you consider.

You also need to compare the coverage options from each warranty company. Check that the warranty covers the accident and other issues you’re concerned about. Especially, check if they cover water damage and loss or theft issues.

Other Considerations

With any warranty coverage, you want to ensure you keep your phone within the warranty limits. This includes applying with a phone that starts under good working condition. 

You also want to make sure you follow all the guidelines for repairs. Follow the claims process exactly. 

You also want to make sure you don’t break the warranty in any way. This means you shouldn’t try to make repairs on your own. This also means sending your phone to the correct place to have repairs completed. 

Avoid making any modifications to your phone outside of the insurance provider either. Any modifications, replacements, and repairs done on your own will void your warranty.

Finding the Best Warranty Option

If you’re on the search for a cell phone warranty plan, you want to make sure you pick an option that will cover what you need. You might even consider warranty options for your other electronic devices.

From cell phone warranties to TVs and monitors, you can find a warranty to cover accidents and other issues. If you’re ready to discuss your options, contact us to find out more.