Your Comprehensive Guide to Getting the Best Android Warranty

Your Comprehensive Guide to Getting the Best Android Warranty

You spent good money on your Android. Read our comprehensive guide to find an Android warranty that protects your investment.

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You rely on your cell phone for pretty much everything. You rely on it for text messaging, checking email, posting on social media, and talking on the phone.

We spend so much time on our phones, we almost feel naked on those days when we accidentally leave them at home.

Since you rely on your phone for so much, it’s important to protect it. The average phone costs about $363. That’s a lot of money to come up with if you just drop your phone and shatter the screen.

You can protect it by knowing and understanding your Android Warranty. Read to find out what an android warranty is and how to know if your phone is covered.

What Is an Android Warranty?

A warranty is a way to protect consumers from purchasing a defective product. Each phone manufacturer from LG to Samsung have their own warranties.

It gives you peace of mind to know that smartphone manufacturers are backing up their products with a guarantee that they’ll replace or repair your phone if the issue is the manufacturer’s fault.

Read that again. If the issue is the manufacturer’s fault.

In some cases, it’s up to you to prove that your phone is defective because of a manufacturing issue. Not only that, these warranties are limited in scope. They’ll only protect so much.

What’s Covered By Your Phone Warranty?

The amount of coverage you have with your smartphone warranty depends on the manufacturer. For example, Samsung’s phone warranty is for one year. You have to show a receipt as proof of purchase and take your phone to an authorized Samsung dealer.

They’ll ship your phone for repairs. If Samsung decides that your phone isn’t covered by the warranty, then you have to pay for repair and shipping charges.

For the most part, manufacturers have warranties that last from 1-2 years. They’ll cover any hardware issues, like your screen going blank for no reason, as long as it’s a hardware issue.

In cases like your phone’s not holding a charge, doesn’t turn on, or freezes up may be covered as long as it’s due to a hardware issue.

These are things that could happen because of a software issue. A conflict with an app you installed could cause some issues. You’ll want to make sure your issue is due to a hardware defect before making a claim.

What’s Usually Not Covered?

Any issue that’s your fault will not be covered by the warranty. That means common issues like drops, spills, or software conflicts aren’t covered.

If you installed an app that turned out to be malware, that wouldn’t be covered by a warranty.

One other thing to note is that, if you cracked your phone open to try and repair it yourself, it would void the warranty.

This is a general list of items that aren’t covered. You’ll need to read the fine print of your manufacturer’s warranty to know exactly what is and what isn’t covered.

Filing a Warranty Claim

Going back to Samsung’s example earlier in the article, it can be challenging to file a claim. Samsung and most other manufacturers want to have an authorized dealer handle the repair or ship it off for more tests.

This means that you will be without your phone for a few days. How on earth will you be able to survive?

There are a few things that you need to do before shipping your phone off to the manufacturer. It’s possible that you won’t get your phone back. You’ll want to make a full back up of your files and photos for safe keeping.

You will also want to take the extra step and remove all personal data from the device. That includes removing memory cards and wiping the phone clean before you ship it off.

Make Sure Your Phone Is Covered

As you can see, just because you have a warranty from your manufacturer, it doesn’t mean that you’re fully covered in case something happens to your phone.

How do you make sure your phone is covered? You’ll want to purchase additional phone insurance or an extended warranty. This is an inexpensive way to protect your phone and your wallet from more common events.

Dropping your phone and cracking the screen, spilling coffee or water on it, losing your phone or having it stolen can be covered with insurance.

When you first purchase your phone, your cell phone provider will offer an insurance policy. You don’t have to take that policy. You have the power to shop around for your own cell phone insurance to find the best rate and the best plan for you.

Ideally, you want to know your options before you buy your phone. Have you owned your phone for a while? Even if you have an older phone, you can still find coverage for it.

Get an Extended Android Warranty for Your Phone

Smartphones are expensive. It’s not fun to have the latest model that costs about $800 and then replace it because you dropped it.

An Android warranty is a valuable tool to know about and understand. You have to know what a manufacturer will cover and what’s not usually covered. Your best bet is to get an extended warranty that covers likely issues like spills and drops.

If you want to know more about how to get an extended warranty for your phone, and understand your warranty, contact us today.