Facebook App Center Now Available Worldwide

Facebook took another step towards taking over the world last night. The most popular social network on the planet made its App Center  available worldwide. Now, the storefront for FB desktop and mobile apps is available in every nook of the world where Facebook is available.

The rollout of the App Center did not happen in one fell swoop, however – Zuckerberg and his posse has been launching its availability in steps. The App Center roll-out began this past June, and by July the storefront appeared in the UK and eventually spread out to Australia, Canada, India, Ireland, New Zealand, South Africa and other countries. Today, access of the App Center has spread as far as Brazil, France, Germany, Russia, Spain, Taiwan and Turkey. This availability is crucial to the success of FB, since more than 80% of their user base is stationed outside of the US and Canada.

Launch of the App Center translates into all users being able to view an App Center bookmark on the left side of their Facebook homepage on both larger tech devices as well as their mobile ones. It is important to note that this mobile accessibility is an absolute necessity to Facebook’s ability to keep growing in leaps and bounds, as it has been since its inception. This is particularly due to some astounding recent statistics:

  • In June, 102 million people accessed FB only from their mobile devices, representing an increase of 23% over the mobile access that occurred the previous March.
  • Facebook increased a mere 10% to 168 million US users over the past year, compared to the global average of 29% – signaling an almost dire need for the social network to bust some butt when it comes to mobile access.

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