Talking (or Texting) While Walking Can be Fatal

Gone are the days when the most popular multi-tasking caveat was drinking- and-driving. While it is still a moronic idea to attempt that juggling act, nowadays there are tons more warnings when it comes to safeguarding out welfare, mainly due to our need for – or shall I say, addiction to –  our mobile devices and other portable tech devices. One admonishment in particular – using a cellphone while walking – is on the increase as a result of a growing number of incidents (some fatal) occur as a result of ignoring the warning.

For instance, this video illustrates the danger of using your mobile device while walking. Watch, as a man attempts to talk on his cell phone while navigating his was through a Philadelphia train station:

Luckily, when this man fell into the train tracks, there was no train coming. However, since it was late at night and the station was devoid of many people, there is a great chance that had there been a train on the way, he may not have been able to pull himself to safety in time, as he was able to do after being unconscious for a few minutes.

There are tons of takes and statistics on how distracting our tech devices have become – and how the danger due to our inability to pull ourselves away from our tech devices for more than a couple of minutes is ever increasing. In fact the peril is so much on the rise, that fatal statistics are climbing, too, as reported in a slew of articles at

The degree to which users are becoming incapable of putting down their mobile devices is becoming astounding. One study, in fact, demonstrated that 60% of surveyed cell phone users reported they cannot go longer than about an hour without checking their phone or other portable mobile device. CBS recently reported that distracted walking injuries have quadrupled in the last seven years.

While law enforcement across the country have been trying to crackdown on the rising incidents occurring as a result of using mobile devices while walking or driving, it is still a major problem, especially considering the fact that our world has turned into one where cellphone use has become an essential part of our daily routines. In essence, we cannot live without out them.

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