Five Apps to Make You More Productive

With the proliferation of smartphones on the market today, and the seemingly endless availability of apps for the same, there are quite a few that will help make your days more productive. Whether for personal use, or business, there is a productivity app for everyone.


This app allows you to save information from the Internet; videos, articles, web pages; on one device for your perusal at a later time. The information can be viewed on any device, therefore it can be saved on your phone to be viewed later on your tablet or PC. Pocket is very convenient for people who are constantly on the move during the day. They can catch up on news items at their leisure once the work day is done.


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Is your smartphone as productive as it can be?

For a really versatile app where you can store just about anything, Evernote is a must-have. This app allows you to save ideas in word form, even hand written notes, audio and pictures, which can be referred to at any time, and can be shared with co-workers or team members. You can also save receipts, contracts, files, and contacts in a digital file cabinet, and these can be accessed quite easily using keywords that you assign.


Everyone with an email account knows how quickly incoming messages clog up your inbox. The Mailbox app gives you the option to prioritize mail, putting them in folders and adding reminders that prompt you to read them later, tomorrow, next week, next month, or someday, depending on the importance of the message. This leaves your inbox empty of clutter, and allows you to read your mail at your convenience.


Making a to-do list is one thing. Actually remembering to do the items on that list is another. This is where Checkmark comes in. you can set reminders based on time and location. This means that if you need to get milk on the way home, you set up a reminder for the time when you should be passing the supermarket, and you will be reminded when you are close to the location.


Mysammy gives you the birds eye view of your productivity.

This software is great for businesses small or large. It allows employers to monitor their employees’ computer activities and productivity. Employers can check the amount of time spent on the computer, and the applications used by each worker.

This information can be produced in the form of pie charts and bar graphs, making it easier to view that activity at a quick glance. You can choose to view one, a few or all employees’ activities at any given time.This software aids greatly in productivity as managers are able to view non-productive websites and applications, based on user activity, and flag these for further review.

Managers can enable a Personal mode which allows users to use computers for personal reasons during their lunch time, and that time will not be monitored for productivity. Go to for detailed information about this great productivity software.