Unlocking Your iPhone Safely

Many people want to unlock their iPhone because they want to switch carriers. While it is a hard thing to do, it can be done. There are a few ways to do it though. Here is a brief overview of the choices that are available for anyone that wants to unlock his or her iPhone.

The Easy Way

The easiest method is to call the current carrier and ask for what is known as the “unlock code.” Many carriers will simply give that to you. When a phone is still under contract with a carrier though, then it is almost impossible to do. When the person calls the carrier they will be told that they must end the current contract in order to get the code. Once they have that code it is simple to unlock it.


There are issues to unlocking an iPhone. Some are legal ones and others can cause the phone to not work. It depends on what method is used. Most people don’t understand that unlocking the iPhone illegally will cause the carrier to send a kill message to the phone. That makes it what the tech industry refers to as being “bricked.”

Many tech people that are trying to sell some expensive trick to unlock the phone will claim that it won’t happen if the user buys his or her method. The truth of the matter is not so simple. Unlocking it illegally can get the phone “bricked.” Still, there are ways to try.

How it Works

The companies that sell the illegal method claim that they can send a code when the phone IMEI information is sent to them. The user pays the price for the code and then the phone should be unlocked. That’s just the problem, it should be unlocked. It also might not be or worse, it might be “bricked.” Welcome to the illegal camp too. Unlocking it without the permission of the carrier is a crime and you should be careful with this.

The Safest Way

iPhone unlock
Unlocking your iPhone opens you up to many 3rd party apps, but proceed with caution.

There are companies that do unlock an iPhone legally. They take the IMEI number down and the user sends payment. The code is then sent just as the other guys would. The difference is that this code works. Why does it work? That is because that company checked to make sure that the phone isn’t still under contract. They essentially make sure that it is a legal unblock. Then, you are good to go.

That is really the best way for anyone to unlock his of her iPhone. When it is done legally the phone works with any chosen carrier and it won’t end up “bricked.” There are other things that can be done on an unlocked iPhone too. It can be fun when it works right.

Some places even sell them unlocked. They just need to make sure that the iPhone that is considered was unlocked legally. That way it’s all good and more importantly, it’s all legally done.
You can also find many companies such as iPhone Unlock Experts who offer unlock services, software & tips for doing it the right way. If you’re planning to unlock your iPhone make sure you do so carefully as to not affect the functionality of your phone in a negative way.