Four Reasons No One Will Buy Google’s Moto X Smartphone

When most people think of smartphones, Google is one name that constantly comes up. This is why it is surprising to many people that industry pundits are predicting that the Moto X will not sell many units. If you are one of these people and you would like to know the reason behind this train of thought, it would be a good idea for you to keep reading.

Questions about the Addons

There are not a lot of software add-ons included with this phone. While some people would think of this as a good thing, there are many more that would feel a lot differently about this. When people see a phone for sale and there are tons of software programs included, this gives them more of a reason to buy it. Even if they don’t intend to use all of the programs, this is one thing that helps them justify paying a high price for a phone.

What’s the Price?

Speaking of prices, this new phone will set you back $200. Now there are many phones out there that cost this much and more, but with the influx of great Android phones that are closer to the $100 mark, this means that less people will be willing to spend this much.

As I said before, there are not a lot of software add-ons included, so this will make people more wary of dropping two hundred bills in order to get their hands on this. Besides, people who decide to spend a good amount on a phone are normally seeking something that is more high-end.

Market Saturation

There are too many phones saturating the market at this time, so it is hard to say that most people will gravitate toward this phone. For example, there are numerous phones being released this summer that people have been

Is there room for the Moto X in the crowded phone market?
Is there room for the Moto X in the crowded phone market?

waiting in for a year or so. While this is a great phone, there is nothing about it that will compel someone to ignore their original desires and give this phone a try. This is quite sad, especially considering the fact that this phone has great features like a camera that launches when the phone is twisted and the ability to perform commands via voice commands.

Samsung and Apple seem to be the companies that people go to when they are looking for phones. While there is nothing wrong with other phones, it is pretty clear that these two dominate the market. It would take a pretty special phone to make people choose not to buy one from these two manufacturers, and unfortunately for Google, the Moto X may not be that phone.

As was stated earlier, industry analysts are predicting that this new phone will not do so well. This is pretty disheartening considering this is not a bad phone at all. I am not sure what Google can do to make their phones appealing to more buyers, but I suggest they do it before they waste a lot of money creating phones that no one plans on buying.

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