iPad Guilty of Helping Lawyers

Technology has infiltrated every profession in the world. Whether it’s a school teacher utilizing videos to engage students or an architect using complex diagramming software, technology has increased worker’s capabilities. One of the most powerful technological devices is the iPad by Apple. Since its inception in 2010 this powerful device has changed the way many workers operate on a day to day basis. Lawyers are no different. The iPad—and its applications– have given lawyers the ability to be more effective, efficient, and precise with their application of the law.

Handy Toolset for Lawyers

The iPad’s hardware itself offers a number of options for lawyers. While in the field interviewing witnesses or taking statements, the iPad has both video recording equipment and audio recording equipment. In addition, specific speech-to-text apps (such as Dragon) can transcribe what is said into text.

This might not all seem like a big deal but the iPad’s ability to single-handedly perform all of these tasks can save valuable time and resources. Therein lies one of the major benefits this technology offers. It’s not necessarily better than other cameras or audio equipment, but it offers all these tools within a small hand-held device.

Notes for Your Clients

When it comes to the numerous pages of typed or hand-written material lawyers must process, the iPad offers a multitude of choices. There are a variety of note-taking apps which can be used with or without a stylus and afford the user almost infinite options for editing handwritten notes. Furthermore, these notes can then be transferred to any other computer through programs like Dropbox, emailed to a recipient in apps like GoodNotes, or made into PDF’s in an app like Notes Plus.

notes for lawyers
Notes is a handy app for laywers on-the-go.

If documents need to be typed the iPad obviously offers integration with Apple computer, but now also with computers that use Microsoft. These documents can also be shared from virtually everywhere and converted into needed formats.

iPad in Court?

The iPad is also a useful tool for lawyers during a trial. If a presentation is needed, the iPad’s multimedia capabilities make it a vital tool. Keynote is a native iPad application which can be used to create visually stunning presentations by incorporating videos, charts, diagrams, and pictures. The iPad also has the capability to run Powerpoint, another effective presentation tool.

There are a few lawyer specific applications which could also be very useful during a trial. TrialPad is an app specifically made for the iPad which allows the user to more accurately organize presentations, and make notes on which particular elements were effective, all in one place. Another lawyer specific app is iJuror. This app allows lawyers to track jurors, mark their responses, and make limitless notes about each specific juror.

Technology is rapidly changing the way the court systems operate. Lawyers no longer have to carry around large briefcases filled with reams and reams of paper. Tools like the iPad offer effective tools which can help lawyers before, during, and after trials. While technology will never totally replace the difficult work lawyers do, it can reduce the load a little.

Richard is a Dui Lawyer Sacramento CA who enjoys writing about topics helpful to today’s lawyer on the go as well as various tech topics.