Google Acquires Motorola Mobility

With Google coming up with a successful slew of Android releases, there comes the news of a merger with one of the top mobile companies in the US. The Search giant has put in action plans for an acquisition of Motorola Mobility, which is purported to run into a multi-million dollar cash deal.

The Pluses

In essence, the takeover makes great business sense for Google given that Moto contributes to a majority of Android releases, and is sure to boost the OS’s nascent history as far as the smartphone market is concerned. To begin with, Motorla’s product line traverses the length of high-tech gadgetry with the Droid line of models competing with the top-end tablet releases including the Xoom. As a market leader within the personal gadget space, Moto also has a foothold in home video solutions and a strong presence in the online domain. Collaborating with a company that brings exposure such diverse niches is sure to reap rich dividends for Google.

But leveraging on Moto’s product market is not the sole advantage that this deal offers Google. In reality, the grand deal lies in the patent rights that Moto holds which in essence transfers to the Google thus opening a world of possibilities for the Search icon. It is very likely that the basis of the acquisition itself was to help bolster Google’s patent holdings thus keeping external competition on the fringe, including the likes of Microsoft and Apple, the prime contenders to Google fame.

The Future of Android

Despite intense speculation surrounding the fate of the Android OS, Google was quick to assuage rumors that the Android model itself would continue to remain open. Google promises that Motorola Mobility would be run as a separate entity, with all other existing hardware partners still working within the loop to help deliver future releases thus keeping the Android ecosystem essentially untarnished. Given that Android OS was born as an open platform, it makes great business sense for the company to still retain the basics of the model while still bringing in the benefits of Moto’s patent portfolio.

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