Consumer Priority Service Reviews the Samsung Galaxy SII


When the Samsung Galaxy SII first released, the consumer market was abuzz with speculation on whether it would be the next worthy iPhone competitor. True to expectations, the SII has indeed lived up to the initial hype, taking the smartphone market by storm and managing record sales especially for an Android model.

The Samsung Galaxy SII quite a sleek release, and if the marketing line is to be believed it may well be the thinnest Android model yet. Surprisingly light given its dimensions, the 4.3-inch handset offers a comfortable hold given its curving sides and ergonomic design. The Super AMOLED Plus display is one of its most impressive features, and promises optimal color output and clarity. While the touchscreen ensures HD quality imagery and vibrant, color saturated pictures, it is the crystal-clear display that really takes precedence making the simple act of using the device an experience in itself


Powered by Android 2.3 Gingerbread, the Galaxy S II comes complete with 1GB memory and up to 32GB of external storage. Featuring the TouchWiz 4.0 UI, the Galaxy SII offers an intuitive interface design that makes for a customized browsing experience. With seven different custom-built home screens to choose from, the user has a number of notification arenas and shortcuts to turn on value-added apps including GPS and Wi-Fi or even access orientation modes directly from the home screen.

Camera and Media

With an 8 MP camera, the SII shoots quality sharp pictures that easily pass the low-level lighting test. Despite the fact that the front-facing camera for video chats is less than ideal, the rear shooter makes up for this with near professional output quality. Videos are as appealing and at 1080p HD playback supported by a 1GB RAM, one can’t really complain.

In terms of apps, the Galaxy SII offers comprehensive access to the Android Market along with an array of pre-loaded networking apps for integrated access to your social networks. In addition, the in-built hubs make for easier game play and while still enhancing the kindle-like appeal of the device.

Performance and User Experience

In terms of overall design and performance, the Samsung Galaxy SII wins points for its dual-core processor support which makes everything from media playback to browsing a breeze. The touchscreen is responsive and the added HSPA capabilities evenly optimize download speeds. With a reliable network connectivity users should find wireless access effortless, with optimal Wi-Fi support, impressive streaming speeds and dependable GPS access.

Bottom line, the Android arena is a market that abounds with possibilities, yet for the seasoned geek the Samsung Galaxy SII experience is one that should definitely prove to be a winner.

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