Google Propeller: Bringing News Media into the Social Networking Space

With a range of media giants releasing their own news aggregators and apps, Google joins the bandwagon with an app that aims to compete against popular releases including Flipboard and Pulse. Google Propeller is a socially-enable news sharing app compatible with both Android Honeycomb tablets and Apple’s iPad.

Built like an e-reader interface, the Propeller aims to combine the best of new aggregation with social media by creating a magazine-like article with aggregated feeds from various news sites. Possibly a challenger to Facebook’s news integration features, the Propeller also has features similar to other reading apps such as Yahoo’s Livestand, AOL’s Editions and Zite.

When Fast Flip, Google’s newly launched news reading interface, was eliminated from its repertoire of ongoing projects, there was widespread speculation that a similar release was in the pipeline. Much like Fast Flip, a tool that captures screenshots from various news feeds presenting a well-integrated flipbook in a browser, the Propeller may well incorporate some of those concepts that had not entirely in Fast Flip. In addition, the Propeller easily integrates content with Google+ thus bringing in a seamless social aspect into news reading.

While the Propeller does seem to be an amalgam of several other past releases, the fact that Google brings an inherent understanding of the workings of search engines, it is likely that Propeller will offer a user experience that is more intuitive and functional. This means that the interface likely brings in real-time feeds relevant to the interests of the user with relevant add-on stories that are displayed in webpage bubbles

Although the exact launch dates are unclear, it must be said that news reading apps such as Propeller do add the edge to the way news reaches its audience and makes the navigation and access to media releases that much more interesting and wholesome.

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