Nationwide Marketing Group NMG

Ask any of the over 3500 retailers and suppliers at the Nationwide Marketing Group NMG semi-annual meeting this week in Las vegas if they’re thinking about taking an early retirement with all the money they’re making on flat panels and you’ll get the exact same reaction: a laugh, a sad shake of the head. Though Nationwide’s 2800 members are reporting double digit growth in flatpanel sales so far this season, they all know that TV’s alone are no way to make a living.

A group of 185 Suppliers, offering everything from those high-margin electronics accessories to giant marketing blow-up dolls, are making deals with the over 2000 retailers gathered through Wednesday at the Venetian Resort. With temperatures outside hitting upwards of 105 degrees this week in Vegas, there’s very little (during the days, at least) to tempt anyone away from the showfloor. Nonetheless, customers are breaking away to attend strategy lessons on topics like marketing, increasing holiday sales, and store design.