Google’s Handy Web Design App

Google has created and implemented a new software application that will benefit all web design gurus that use Google Chrome as their browser. Creating and designing a website can be very frustrating and time consuming when using a variety of applications and/or editors that do not work according to plan.


Each application is not always compatible with the computer system that each designer will use. Not to mention, trying to put a nice ad onto the site. Adobe Flash is an excellent application to use in the creation of vector images. However, the application may not work on the current platform, or the user may not have a licensed copy of the Flash software. Also, many designers may not be able to afford the Adobe Flash application.

Google Web Designer Application

The great news for web design gurus is that the Google Web Designer application was created to embed into an HTML/CSS file. The creation and implementation of creating ads that are as dynamic as flash and for them to be able to be used across any platform without knowing code, makes it possible for all users. This opportunity is for the new and older user.

Features of the Application

google web designer
Google web designer app puts its design power in the cloud.

The features of the software application has two animation modes, which allow the ability to build animations frame by frame, create 3D transformations, and allow the ability to view the design and the code. The tools provided in the application will provide HTML by using the draw technique using the tag tool. Once the work is completed, the ad can be published, like in the flash application.

Create a Dynamic Flash Ad

There are many software applications that are user friendly and will help create the website for anyone, without the need of knowing any specific code. For this reason, the Google Web Designer is the first of its kind to create an application for the purpose of creating animated flash objects. There is no longer a need for a specific system or the expensive flash software. That is why anyone can create a dynamic flash ad to place onto the website of their choice.

The Purpose for the Google Web designer

This application does provide the option to send an ad through regardless of the ad network. Meaning, any user can view the animated ads regardless of their browser. Google has created the web-kit prefixes that allow the page to render through any browser. The purpose for the Google Web designer is to “Create engaging, interactive HTML5-based designs and motion graphics that can run on any device”, according to Google.

Gain a Customer Instead of Losing One

Imagine, a web designer , professional or amateur, that can create animated ads. These ads can be accessed regardless of the media. For example, a mobile phone, computer system, and a tablet can render the page showing the ad without incompatibility problems. This will definitely help to gain a customer instead of losing one.

To summarize, a web designer can now create dynamic, animated ads to be used across any platform. The best part is not knowing and/or using code. Plus, the ads will have the flash quality without the experience or price!