What is the IKEA Augmented Reality App?

Have you ever wanted to see how a piece of IKEA furniture would look inside your home? It may sound like a hassle to bring the furniture to your home, but that won’t be necessary with IKEA’s Augmented Reality App. With this application, one can easily expand their vision for new furniture inside their homes and businesses. Consider the many ways in which one can use this app in order to make their home better, visually and comfortably.

One can use IKEA’s app to test out furniture such as that from bedrooms, living rooms, kitchens, and outdoor patios as well. The many uses of this application can be thought as beneficial as well as easy to follow. With this app, one can achieve the look they want inside their home and business without going to the store to buy. One also doesn’t have to check and see if the style and size of the bought item fit inside their home, as the application will check to see if the item is right for them. These are some of the numerous advantages that the IKEA Augmented Reality App offers.

How does the IKEA Augmented Reality App work?

Before thinking of buying a certain piece of furniture from IKEA, one can easily do research with the augmented reality app. Found on any iOS or Android device that can manage applications, this helpful tool can decide for you whether you need a certain piece of furniture on a specific space inside your home. By simply scanning selected pages from the IKEA 2014 Catalog with a smart phone or tablet, a person can get access to home furnishing tips and ideas, as well as see rooms in different angles.

ikea app
The Ikea app for iPhone or Android brings Virtual reality to your home decor planning.

All one has to do is look for the plus-sign symbol on a page, scan the page and have fun with the free application. When the page of a certain item is scanned, one can use the app to simulate the piece of furniture picked and place it in any part of their home using a device’s sensor and camera.

Place the page of a certain item wherever you intent to put that piece in, and simply see if it will work for your space. One can view the piece of furniture in 360 degrees as if the item was there with you. The virtual item will appear to you in the same size and color of the real item, as though it were there in real life. This is some of the various ways in which a person can use the IKEA Augmented Reality App to sample many of IKEA’s furniture.

Final advice on the App

If one is looking to buy furniture from IKEA but doesn’t want to risk buying the wrong size or color, than this application will be an essential tool. Whether it is for one’s kitchen, for the living room, or for any outdoor patio furniture, this application will be an advantage to those in need of furniture.

Within the application are other essential and productive tasks that are useful for any furniture buying customer. The IKEA Augmented Reality App is a helpful tool that should be considered before buying an IKEA product or furniture piece.