Grand Theft Auto V: A Staple in the UK Gaming Market

The UK video games market has been sluggish for the past five years. The gaming and entertainment business was in desperate need of a boost. After half a decade of slow sales, the most demanded video game in the UK finally released its fifth edition and breathed new life into the gaming circuit. The release of highly anticipated video game, Grand Theft Auto V, increased UK game sales by 29pc in just 12 weeks.

These are pretty impressive numbers considering the gaming names that have already gone under due to a dramatic decrease in sales that began in 2008 and went unbroken until September 29th. All Grand Theft Auto controversy aside, it is worth noting that Grand Theft Auto’s fourth edition was released just before this decline in finances began. Is it possible that Grand Theft Auto is single handedly upholding the UK gaming market?

With the popular video game now in the households of many UK residents, let’s take a look at some of the well awaited features that make Grand Theft Auto V the shining star amongst consumers.

Firstly, Grand Theft Auto V Has Introduced New Survival Gear:

New scenarios and entirely customizable characters complete with raging alter egos have made new survival gear a necessity for many of the quests. This gear includes but is not limited to:

• Scuba Gear
• Masks
• Jumpsuits
• New Weapons
• An Apocalypse Kit

Did any of the new gear give you a hint about what to expect from the game itself?

That’s Right, There Is Also New Territory!

A whole new landscape is available in Grand Theft Auto V. It is one where the characters can travel by land or sea. Feel free to go scuba diving or hitch a ride on a customizable boat. You can also interfere or participate in a bank robbery and an apocalyptic attack. There is tons of new ground to be covered. In Grand Theft Auto V new characters are free to engage in any or all of the following activities:

• Yoga
• Snorkeling
• Jet-skiing
• Mini Golf
• Tennis

The Coolest New Feature By Far Is the Characters Themselves!

gta iphone
The GTA characters make the game.

Grand Theft Auto masterminds are now toying with a parallel universe theme where each player has more than one identity at a time. This means every player gets the opportunity to play the game as three entirely different characters. Whichever character is active at the time will engage in activities like bank robbery, scuba diving and fending off sharks.

The other two characters will still be playing the game as well, going about their daily lives as if without the knowledge that you are actually playing as three people. Switching back and forth between characters makes the adventure that much more intense.

While The Grand Theft Auto series has stirred up its share of controversy over the years, it is definitely a staple in UK gaming culture. The fifth edition delivers yet another action packed adventure for thrill seeking gamers.