Driving in a major city or just about any city that you are not familiar with can be a tough challenge, but the following car apps make it easy to take care of just about every task without any problems. The following great car apps make it simple to find public parking, repair shops in the case of flat tires, and even the best prices on gas. If you have these apps installed on your phone you will never find yourself circling the same block twice.

I’ve Got Gas!

First up on the list is I’ve Got Gas!, designed for those that want to make sure they always pay the lowest gas price in town. If you are from out of town you will appreciate the ease at which you can find a gas station period, and as an extra bonus you can rest assured that you are also getting the lowest gas prices in town as well. Similar apps include Road Ahead, Fuel Finder, and Gas Buddy.

tyre app
Check your tyre pressure with this handy app


Next up the list is TireCheck which is a nifty tool if you need to check your tire pressure and there is not a gas station handy with a free pump. Not everyone carries a tire gauge, and not everyone knows how to use one, but TireCheck takes all of the questions out of checking tire pressure.

Simply input the model of your car and the make of your vehicle and then use the camera on your phone to take a photo of your tires. In less than thirty seconds you will get back a set of specs that tell you how much air your tyres need and the performance you can expect to get at their current inflation.