Will the New Gmail Make Life Easier?

So when was the last time you opened your mailbox and decided that you simply did not have the time to weed through everything? Clearly the entire email system has gotten so bogged down that reading your mail can be challenging, especially when you consider the effect that email marketing has played on it. There was a time when your Spam folder would pick up the unwanted mail, but that has also gotten quite confusing and has also managed to whisk away some emails that we actually wanted.

Google Introduces Tabbed Email

In their never ending attempts to make the Internet more user friendly, Google has changed their popular Gmail system to help us out. They have introduced what some would call the tab system. The default settings come with 5 different tabs, however if you don’t need them, you can deselect the ones you don’t want. The tabs are as follows; “Primary” which is where you will find your conversations between regular contacts, or other emails that don’t make it to Spam, but have no other folder to go to.

gmail tabs
Will email marketing suffer from this new layout?

Although the primary tab cannot be deselected, the others namely, social, promotions, updates and forums can be excluded from the roundup. You can also adjust the way you want your mail to appear in your box, giving you the ability to put “on hold” the emails that, in your opinion, are not that important.

With so many companies using email marketing as a major tool, this may not necessarily be good news, especially since their communications could be placed on the back burner.

In addition to the fact that you can filter what you want to appear in your tabs, you don’t even have to open the tab right away if you don’t want to, that is because a bright colored number will appear giving you the “heads up” that you have new mail in that tab.

This new Gmail tab experience is still in the introductory stages, but you can be certain that marketing companies will be looking for a way to get around it, as they push to have their prospective customers read their email first.

Tabs Across the Board

If you think that the only changes being made will be on your PC, think again. Considering the importance of the Smart phone and the tablet, it is only natural that Gmail would make their changes across all the relevant apps. Although changes may be considered as a good thing by some people, these new Gmail changes could present all sorts of problems for those who like things simple.The most important question here is this, who stands to gain the most by these changes and will they encourage users to turn to other email systems?

More than likely, the ones that will take the biggest blow will be those companies that actively engage in email marketing plans, but considering how resourceful they are, they will surely recover.Google has a reputation of trying to simplify things for their users, however this one may take a little getting used to. Bottom line, only time will tell whether users will appreciate it.