Huawei Talks up Wearables Launch at MWC, Teases Round Android Wear Smartwatch

Huawei has announced it will hold a press conference just before the doors open at MWC 2015, saying it will reveal “surprises that will empower you to set your dreams free.” That’s some impressive marketing speak, which gives absolutely nothing away about its plans. Luckily, there are several rumors surrounding Huawei’s future line-up, which we’ve rounded up for your convenience here.

Huawei hasn’t leapt into the wearables market so far, but that could change over the coming months. The company’s director of public relations has said it’s planning to release “a series of new wearables” during 2015, and that the first examples will come during Mobile World Congress.

Commenting that wearables were a hot topic at CES, and could be again at MWC, the PR team went on to state it has an Android Wear smartwatch in the works, but stopped short of saying it would definitely arrive at the Barcelona trade show. Additionally, a slide shown during a PR presentation at Huawei’s headquarters had a round-faced smartwatch slated for release.

A report from Italy states Huawei may bring a slightly smaller version of the Mate 7 phablet smartphone to MWC, called the Mate 7 Compact. However, unlike Sony’s Compact phones, which are actually quite small, Huawei’s phone is still expected to have a 5.5-inch display. While this isn’t small compared to the Xperia Z3 Compact, it is when put alongside the 6-inch Mate 7.

A set of images supposedly showing the Mate 7 Compact were leaked through Twitter at the end of January. The device resembles the full-size Mate 7, and the rear view shows it may also share the same fingerprint sensor fitted to its bigger brother.

It’s potentially going to have a metal chassis, and a Huawei Kirin processor inside. Everything else, pending any other leaks, will be a surprise left for the show.

MediaPad X2 tablet could take center stage

The MediaPad X1 was revealed at last year’s Mobile World Congress, and was the company’s answer to the iPad Mini, but with phone capabilities built-in. Yes, it looked pretty silly when stuck to the side of your face, but technically it was an impressive and good-looking device.

An image supposedly showing the MediaPad X2 has leaked online, and if it’s accurate, the device will again have an aluminum body, but perhaps with smaller overall dimensions than the original. The report adds the display will have a 1080p resolution, while the processor may be one of Huawei’s own Kirin chips with 3GB of RAM.

Ascend P8 may come in April

The Ascend P8, should it arrive, could be Huawei’s flagship Android smartphone for 2015. Initially expected at CES, then at Mobile World Congress, a Chinese report now states Huawei will instead reveal the phone in April at a separate event.

No explanation for any shift is given by the site, and there’s no official word from Huawei on the situation. However, the phone may have undergone a last minute spec change, with a rumored 5-inch screen being increased to 5.2-inches. A metal chassis is possible, along with a slightly curved 5.2-inch display, making it the largest P-series phone yet.

There has also been talk of Huawei dropping the Ascend brand, so the Ascend P8 could end up wearing the Honor name, plus the Mate 7 has been leaked without the familiar name attached.

Author: Andy Boxall
Source: DigitalTrends