Swyp Enables a Smarter and Sleeker Wallet of the Consolidated Future

High-tech cards that store all your credit, gift and loyalty card info haven’t exactly made it big yet, but the competition’s already heating up. The newest entry in the race is called Swyp: a metallic device with a screen that transforms into the card you want to use when you need it, so long as you choose the appropriate one using its scroll buttons. In order to upload info, you’ll need to scan credit cards and loyalty cards with magnetic strips (support for scannable barcodes will come later) using a reader that plugs into a phone’s headphone jack. Each card’s details are then stored in the accompanying app, which you can also use to snap pictures of paper receipts. The device itself can store up to 25 cards’ info, more than what its rivals can handle: Coin, its oldest competition, can store up to 8 cards, while Plastc can keep up to 20.

According to The Verge, Swyp was designed to deactivate if your phone detects that the card is more than six feet away, though there’s a way to override that if you’re, say, paying at a restaurant. Its creator, Ash Dhodapkar, also told the publication that Swyp will have a rechargeable battery (Coin, on the other hand does not — you’ll have to toss it when it runs out of juice), though it’s unclear if it will work with wireless chargers. It lacks a bunch of other features found on Plastc, including chip-and-pin technology, as well as NFC support, but it is loads cheaper than the competition (Coin costs $100, while Plastc is $150). A small number of Swype cards are now up for pre-order for $49 per, but once those are all gone, you’ll have to pay $99 to get one when it launches this fall.

Author: Mariella Moon
Source: Engadget