Introducing Bina Abbasov

Upon meeting Bina Abbasov, one is struck by her humility and soft-spoken nature. When seeing her at work, what is immediately apparent is her confidence and competence; she is good – very good – at what she does.

One of the reasons Bina has such a handle on things is because she grew organically at CPS from the ground up. Her first stop seven years ago was stuffing envelopes in the Customer Service Department. Without a designated desk, Bina traveled from department to department – doing whatever was needed. Soon, she was emailing customers, approving estimates for repairs, and dispatching service calls.

Bina shares, “Because I’ve worked in every department, I know the CPS and now, the CYA product from A to Z. I understand the process from the moment a claim is filed until the repair is completed.”

One of Bina’s heroes is her mother, who as a single mom, worked and saved up to buy her own home. Now, in a similar position, raising her 2-year-old son by herself, Bina is inspired to be such a strong figure. With a degree in finance from Brooklyn College, a fantastic work ethic, and CPS and CYA as the wind in her sales, she is sure to achieve her goals.

Bina appreciates all CPS and CYA has done for her. She explains, “When I was going through my divorce, the bosses were extremely supportive. They helped me grow financially and told me to take care of my son first. Then, they allowed for flexible hours when I needed to do so.”

After working side by side with one of the bosses, Jack, Bina learned how to sign on big accounts, such as ACE Hardwares Stores. Now, learning from Mark F. all about the CYA process, she has abandoned her quiet upstairs office to join the other CYA salespeople on the main floor to sell CYA coverage. She says with a grin, “It’s a competitive atmosphere. It’s fun.”

When asked why she believes in the CYA product, Bina quickly gushes forth with the answers: “Nowadays it is super expensive to fix a product. From dropping a phone to having a washing machine break down, repairs can be very expensive. It’s better to have coverage and peace of mind.”

she continues, “Our servicemen put themselves in the customers’ shoes and relate to what the person with the broken item is going through. For example, David in service won’t get off the phone until the person on the other end is happy and satisfied. Clients are then kept in the loop with updates while the product is serviced speedily and efficiently. Since I’ve been at this for a long time, I know that other companies don’t offer comparable service.”

Lastly, Bina adds, “CYA covers old products that other warranty companies don’t want to cover. Plus there are 1,2,3 yr plans for those who wish to take advantage of greater discounts”

With such faith and conviction, it is no wonder that this loyal CPS / CYA employee has the numbers on the sales floor dashboard soaring high on a daily basis. As more and more people sign on for extended coverage, Bina is confident that she’s delivering a sound and steady product. If anyone knows this to be true, it’s her.


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