iPhone 5: The Countdown Begins

With the iPhone 5 scheduled to release in October, the online world is abuzz with possible feature enhancements this model would bring. As with every iteration of the iPhone, Apple enthusiasts continue to hype and speculate on what this version of the iconic smartphone may offer to the gadget geek.

The iPhone 5, or possibly the iPhone 4S, is believed to come with the much-awaited iOS 5 making connectivity with your Mac effortless. It is also possible that this release is bolstered with the iCloud, a free service that makes inter-device sync a dream with iTunes paling in comparison. While opinions are divided on the screen dimension, it is possible that the screen size may well be the same size or a little larger at 4”, with the current iPhone boasting a 3.5″ screen size.

Perhaps one of the most awaited features yet is the potential for wireless charging. While few models have explored this enhancement, aside from the now defunct HP TouchPad, it is but understandable that Apple hopes to dabble in this interesting nice-to-have features. Not only will this essentially remove dependability on cord-based charging greatly enhancing consumer experience, the fact that Apple gets to pioneer a nascent technology is sure to win it brownie points.

The feature add-ons don’t end there. Aside from a better processor which is sure to enhance access speeds, the iPhone 5 may very well come with an improved 8 megapixel camera, a considerable jump from its 5 megapixel versions. In addition, this release promises better camera flash support as well as some innovative App releases. From warning users of impending earthquakes, which is likely to come in-built with the releases in Japan, these apps come with some intuitive disaster management tools that really does take technology to a new level.

The iPhone 5 does seem to be a perfect release for Apple lovers, but only time will tell if the tech giant truly does live up to these promises. The Better Business Bureau BBB warns consumers to be leary of iPhone imitation scam products made by overseas companies posing as official Apple products. Make sure you’re purchasing the real thing and avoid lemons!

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