James Bond Type Pen Cameras?

Spy pens look like fun and useful gadgets. James Bond certainly used them, and online testimonials indicate that these gadgets see a lot of use. It must be emphasized that the very nature of spy cameras, especially ones without the traditional blinking red light, means that there are many circumstances in which their use may be illegal. Audio recording capability further increases the possibility that use may be illegal. Always be sure of local and federal law before using any such product. Remember that expectation of privacy is a key concern.

What’s on the market?

The specific spy pen in question is discussed on digistore, although it appears that they simply redirect you to another site, hiddencamerapen. Similar pens are offered by numerous sites at a variety of prices and with apparent variations. The manufacturer appears to always be listed as generic and the technical details seem to be sketchy in general.

The pen offered by the hiddencamerapen site eventually leads to video samples of higher quality than the video samples appearing on some other sites. Clearly the pens offered by hiddencamerapen are capable of recording good quality video. How much this difference is a matter of skill and how much it is a matter of product quality could only be determined by impartial testing. This may be done by some interested individuals.

It probably makes sense for any serious user to research the market and shop accordingly. If you are looking for a toy, buy what you can afford and be aware that there is probably a lot of variation in quality. If you are looking for a tool, look for quality and features.

Spy storage

Some of the spy pens on the market clearly use interchangeable micro SD cards, allowing for different storage capacities. Different pens seem to have different batteries, and some have motion detection features. Some versions have the ability to offer variable image qualities. Different models come with different options for recharging and powering.

Another feature you may wish to pay attention to is the flashing indicator light. Apparently some of the pens with visible lights are advertised with misleading ads that seem to say that they do not have the flashing indicator light when, in fact, they do. Read the ad carefully if you are looking for this feature. Bear in mind that the absence of a clearly visible indicator light makes the legal status of this camera more questionable.

Other options

spy pens
Spy pens come with some pretty nifty storage features

One option available is a wireless option. Details about this option seem to be available with the included instructions when you order it. This option would be particularly useful if it allows for the use of a computer to record or monitor the image, but the lack of information means that you may be getting a feature that you really don’t want. Using it in a wireless mode will certainly make it easier to detect.

Spy pen cameras are certainly available in good quality at affordable prices. Be sure of what you want and shop carefully. If you have illegal uses in mind remember that records of internet transactions persist and purchases may be monitored.