The Home of the Future with Vivint

As technology continues to move forward at a lightning pace, houses across the country transform from the humble shelters of the past, to the fully automated homes of the future. Whether it’s home security, management of energy, or full out home automation, the company that consistently finds itself at the forefront of these changes is Vivint.


A quick look at Vivint reviews from its customers uncovers one of the leading selling points for purchasing products from this company, which is the use of modular components. This means that those looking for a simple, less expensive home security system with just a couple of sensors can stop there, while more tech hungry customers looking for complete home automation can add as many modular component as they’d like.

While customers can choose the level of investment, the company offers its components in three main categories, home security, energy management and home automation.

Home Security

Vivint truly secures your home with the best modern technology and automation.

Vivint provides a wide range of options for home security including window and door sensors, glass break detectors, motion detectors and smoke and carbon monoxide alarms. Have a pet? These security products have additional features that allow the customer to ignore pets within a specified weight range.

Customers can also access security features remotely, increasing sense of security when outside the home. Basic home security setups can start at as little as $700 and go up depending on variables such as the amount of sensors installed. This does not include the additional $50/month service cost.

Energy Management

Energy management packages include additional options, such as smart thermostat controls and lighting controls. These packages also comes with energy saving light bulbs for the home. Like the security package, energy management options can be controlled remotely. Along with the cost of any additional equipment, energy management packages increase monthly service costs to $58/month.

Home Automation

The home automation category builds on the others by including automatic door locks, small appliance controls and video surveillance equipment. Features allow customers to unlock or lock their doors from anywhere in the world with internet access, as well as allow the monitoring of home surveillance cameras. Cameras can be stationary or moving, and react to motion. Along with the additional cost of equipment, including home automation on a package raises the price to $69/month.


The majority of Vivint’s options are controlled through the Go!Control panel. This panel includes a battery backup for power failures, automatic firmware updating, two way calling and more, all accessed through a color touchscreen panel or optional remote control. Customers can access their features through the Go!Control panel, on an Internet connected computer, or through using downloaded apps on their smart phone or other mobile device.

While the system is loaded with features, Vivint has designed the interface to be user-friendly, reducing the frustration that often comes with overly complicated security and automation products. Each package also comes with 24 hours a day, seven days a week monitoring, along with professional installation.