Make the Most of Your Browser by Locking it Down

Web browsers can either make or break your internet experience. A glitchy, slow browser is not just an incredibly frustrating, it can cause major problems in both our personal and our professional lives. Luckily, there is a collection of handy tips and tricks for figuring out what may be wrong with a non-satisfactory browser and enhancing your browsing capabilities altogether.

Securing your browser is priority when it comes to streamlining your digital experience, no matter what device you may be using. There are a few ways to safeguard. First, you can add an extra protective layer to your computer by implementing what’s called a sandboxing application. Sandboxes allow for programs to run on your computer in a quarantined environment, thereby having restricted access to your system resulting in a stronger defense against malware.

Next, a must-do when it comes to caring for your browser is obtaining a reliable password management application. These days we’re inundated with sites that require cryptic logins – remembering different codes for each can be daunting – but using the same password over and over puts you at tremendous risk for a security breach. Password managers require you remember a single password to manage the program itself – then it generates hack-proof codes for all of your frequently used sites.

Finally, don’t forget to say “NO!” to Web scripting. Script languages like JavaScript, Flash, Silverlight and ActiveX can either streamline your cyber time or screw it up completely with malware and advertising. The solution: obtain a program like NoScript for FireFox which will allow your browser to default disabling all active elements of a site before you get to it. Then, you are free to choose which scripts to run and which to ignore.

Shielding your PC with as many layers of defense possible is the key to making the most out of your time online. On the same note, you can double the protection of your computer with an extended warranty from CPS – there are plenty of plans to choose from.