Tablet or Notebook: Which is Right for You?

If you’re still not sure whether a tablet or a notebook is the right choice for you, here’s a review of how the two trendy gadgets compare – or more precisely, how the tablet appears to have trumped the notebook.

To begin, tablets are fundamentally easier to manage. Sans a hinged, clamshell structure the tablet is way less fragile – and easier to toss in a tote and go. Along the same lines, the tablet is a lot more friendly to more lackadaisical users who prefer kicking back on the couch when computing, since it’s easier to hold and type on courtesy of the virtual keyboard.

For app fanatics, tablets take the cake, too – particularly since thousands of applications don’t require desktop counterparts in order to run. Also, tablet space is becoming more of a focus for software developers in recent years when it comes to app-management – making for awesome features like touch navigation, accelerometers and location awareness.

When it comes to gaming, most people agree that touch controls thwart the gamer playing action and firing games – however, tablets are the ideal platform for trivia, word, and casino games. Plus, tabs are customized for physics-based fun like Angry Birds and Doodle Jump.

Next to gaming, tablets are used primarily for web browsing and email. In this department, tablets definitely trump the notebook, simply because of their portability factor. From news headlines to social network feeds to cooking sites and Wiki-pedia, the tablet’s a much better go-to than having to visit a stationary system each time you need to surf.

While there is one con to the tablet, it’s a very minor one: video. Most families won’t gather ‘round a tablet to watch the latest Disney flick; however, some tablets nowadays including Honeycombs and iPads offer a pretty satisfying video watching experience with clear, crisp resolution and smooth streaming – perfect for keeping the kids quiet on a long road trip, perhaps.

All in all, tablets appear to be the device-of-choice, particularly due to its handiness and app-compatibility. At Consumer Priority Service, you’ll find a throng of warranties for just about any tablet – or notebook – on the market.