This Valentine’s Day, Meet that Special Someone the Mobile Way

Most people have a love/hate relationship with Valentine’s Day – and in today’s digital age, the line between the two is becoming thinner. If you’re amongst the massive majority of people looking for a valentine via the World Wide Web, you’ll be pleased to know there are actually some great mobile dating apps for scoping the scene, even when you’re on-the-go. Here’s a rundown of the best, FREE amorous apps available today:
1. AreYouInterested: About 2 million singles currently use this app where the easy setup process is simply entering your zip code. From there, the service pops up potential partners in a user’s proximity – and users can click “Yes!” on the ones they fancy. Users can also engage in live chat, or “go invisible” for browsing incognito.
2. Blendr: Here’s an app for those who experience separation anxiety when they’re not on Facebook – because users can import FB profiles right into Blendr. Chatting, pic-swapping, and integration with Foursquare and Twitter are also enabled here – as well as a “heat map” that shows the locations closest to you that have the most Blendr-user check-ins.
3. Grindr: No girls allowed! Grindr is strictly for gay, bi-sexual and curious men and offers all of the classic dating-site features like chat, IM, photo trading, and map viewing for honing in on prospective suitor, down to the meter.
4. Jazzed: Courtesy of the creators of eHarmony, Jazzed allows users to share pics, skim profiles, and perform location-based filters. Photos are the highlight here, which can be searched by interest, subject or location – but, caveat lovers: while the basic app is free, to view profiles or send a playful Icebreaker, you have to pay.
5. OKCupid Locals: Users of the app version of this popular desktop app can now send a “Broadcast” from their iPhone letting the world know they are available for a rendezvous, and will be alerted when a good match has entered their proximity. Users of this app can always turn themselves invisible for inconspicuous scoping, too.