Microsoft is Sweetening the Smartphone with the New Mango OS

Mango is more than a fruit – it’s the smartphone’s juicy OS, courtesy of Microsoft Windows 7.5. Mobile phone companies are quickly creating handsets to showcase the latest interface and the results are sweet. With Mango, smartphone users have access to cool services like multitasking Twitter integration, a web-based app store, and an enhanced Live Tile interface that now includes a Group features for connecting with contacts.
The HTC Radar 4G is amongst the first handful of Windows phones to sport the Mango OS. Not only is the Radar modishly styled, but its 3.8-inch display is easy to view (even in direct sunlight), its Hub, or main screen, can be swiped for instant access to the latest news headlines, stock updates, and more, and it boasts decent speed with the 1-GHz Snapdragon processor.
Another model that’s got Mango is Nokia’s Lumia 800. The Lumia is a lean, mean Mango machine with a black polycarbonate exterior that flawlessly fuses with the phone’s curvaceous Gorilla Glass display. Its screen measures 3.7 inches and has a 800 X 480-pixel AMOLED display. For horsepower, Nokia has graced the Lumia with a 1.4 GHz Qualcomm MSM8255 single-core processor. But the feature in the spotlight here is the camera – in fact, the Lumia’s camera is being touted as the best found on any Windows phone to date, particularly because it flaunts an 8-MP sensor that turns out crisp, clean, noiseless shots. The Lumia also runs for a whopping 10 hours after a full charge, too, making it a prime choice in the world of Windows 7.5.
Other handsets featuring Mango that are worth taking a peek at are the Samsung Focus Flash, the Samsung Focus S: both tout elegant design, decent processing times, awesome battery life and a slew of other features you’ll like.
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