Moto 360 Coming Summer 2014

The new Moto 360 has a round face. Two options will be available: round and square face  and and will have the “Ok Google” voice control highlighted by Google for its new spin-off mobile OS.

The hardware features “subtle alerts and notifications,” and Motorola is selling it as a premium, fashion-first advice that uses high-end materials in its construction. It’s coming in a variety of styles as well, and should launch this summer beginning in the U.S. first.

Already with just two products officially unveiled, we have a look at a couple of different approaches to how Android Wear OEM partners might differentiate themselves. LG’s G Watch looks focused on being essentially a straightforward notification window, with emphasis on utility, but the Moto 360 seems like it’s designed more with the fashion-savvy crowd in mind, as a way to convince those reluctant to give up their classic, analogue wristwatches to get on board the wearable movement.