Rumors About Iphone 6

CNET is trying to collect all the rumors possible about Iphone 6.

Screen size rumors

Analysts and sources claim that Apple will give us two phones this year, just like it did in September 2013 with the 5S and 5C. There will be a large iPhone model, likely with a 5-inch or larger screen, and also a smaller, possibly lower-end, device closer in size to the iPhone 5S.

When will be Iphone released

Apple hasn’t even confirmed it’s even working on a new iPhone, let alone what it will be called, but following the pattern the company has used to name its previous phones, we are guessing it will be dubbed the iPhone 6.

Despite one report that says Apple will launch the iPhone 6 at its June 2014 Worldwide Developer’s Conference, it’s much more likely that we won’t get a new phone until the fall. That’s because since 2011, Apple has announced its new iPhones in September and October.