New App Lets You See Every Google Doodle Ever Sketched

Okay, so maybe it’s not the most breaking news in the tech world, but it’s certainly newsworthy enough to spread the word – especially for Google Doodle lovers like me.

Now there’s a new iOS app that will allow users to take a peek at every single sketch that has been featured on the search guru’s home page. The free Google Doodle app launched just last week, and although it is not directly affiliated with Google, it holds an archive of more than 1,000 doodles that have been displayed on computers and devices all over the globe in the past several years (since 1998 to be exact). Doodle-searchers can look for their favorite illustrations by filtering out drawings based on year, country and details about the image and why it was created.

Interesting fact:

the first Google Doodle was created by company founders Larry Page and Sergey Brin when they were attending the Burning Man gala in Nevada. The illustration consisted of the Google logo, with a stick figure in the foreground, behind the second “O” in Google. Ever since, Google has been creating new designs for every type of event from Bastille Day to Dr. Seuss’ birthday.

In fact, in response to the Bastille Day doodle, the then-intern who created the image and now webmaster, Dennis Hwaang was highly praised by Google head honchos: “It was so well received by our users that Dennis was appointed Google’s chief doodler and doodles started showing up more and more regularly on the Google homepage. In the beginning, the doodles mostly celebrated familiar holidays; nowadays, they highlight a wide array of events and anniversaries from the birthday of John James Audubon to the Ice Cream Sundae.”

Here are a few of the most-loved Doodles that have been scribbled on Google’s home site over the past few years:

(in honor of Green Eggs and ham author, Dr. Seuss)

(an homage to beloved dreamer, John Lennon)

(a celebratory doodle for Mark Twain’s birthday)