Trade in Clothing Catalogs for this New Shopping App

Twisting onto the social network is Swirl, a personal shopping app that helps users find stylish additions to their wardrobes with the assistance of popular social sites like Pinterest and Facebook – and exclusive deals and discounts.

Shoppers can now view the most popular “clips”, which is Swirl’s interpretation of “pins” on Pinterest. Essentially, users can follow clothing brands and like Burberry just as they would follow their best friends. By keeping an eye on popular brands, shoppers can also see the most clipped items and best deals. Spot a hot shirt? Just click on it, and you’ll be launched a page where you can purchase it. If there are deals available, those, too will pop up alongside the shirt – or whatever clothing item tickles your fancy.

Says Swirl’s founder, Hilmi Ozguc, regarding the new app: “We spent a lot of time looking at how people shop and how they use their laptop, smartphone, tablet and devices at home…Shopping starts on the sofa.”

The Swirl team does admit that shoppers remain loyal to physical storefronts, and actually prefer them to their virtual versions. Nevertheless, applications are gradually stepping up to the forefront when it comes to purchasing patterns, and to compensate for customer bias to brick-and-mortar, Swirl lays out maps and information for close to 30,000 physical store locations.

Consumers who use Swirl – either via their desktop or mobile device – can access inventory and sales from over 200 brand names. That allows shoppers to sift their way through thousands of clothing and accessory items, including the ability to hone in on particular product or brands by filtering functions. When a shopper lands on a must-have item, the app automatically spits out the closest stores where the item can be procured right then and there.

Additionally, consumers can schedule their devices to display auto-notifications for rice changes, sales, new brands and more. And of course, shoppers will be able to follow fellow fashion-addicts who practice purchasing trends similar to their own.



Ozguc also says, “We hope to create a personal shopping assistant that lives on your smartphone and provides you will all the right information, all the relevant offers to give you the best possible in-store shopping experience. We are very focused on how people buy things in store.”